• А. А. Imash Institute of combustion problems, Bogenbay Batyr Str., 172, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • B.B. Kaidar Institute of combustion problems, Bogenbay Batyr Str., 172, Almaty, Kazakhstan; Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 71 Al-Farabi ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Е.А. Zhumataev Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 71 Al-Farabi ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • G.Т. Smagulova Institute of combustion problems, Bogenbay Batyr Str., 172, Almaty, Kazakhstan; Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 71 Al-Farabi ave., Almaty, Kazakhstan
Keywords: complex processing of coal, rare earth elements, carbon fibers, porous carbon materials, nanoporous carbon, activated carbon


Kazakhstan is an important global player in the production and export of coal in the world market. For many years, coal has been an important energy resource, but the development of nanotechnology and the improvement of existing technologies for deep processing of raw materials make it possible to look at coal not only as an energy resource, but also as a source for the production of porous carbon materials and the extraction of rare earth elements. The high demand for rare earths has turned the attention of researchers to coal resources as a potential source, especially for high-ash and low-grade coals. The paper considers methods for extracting rare earths from coal and products of its processing using acid, alkali and salt treatment. The disadvantages and advantages of each of the methods are shown. In addition, the work showed modern ways of complex processing of coal to obtain porous carbon materials, in the form of activated carbons and nanocarbon material. It is shown that by applying the methods of chemical and physical activation it is possible to obtain porous materials with a developed specific surface and different ratios of meso-, micro- and macropores. Thus, new ways of coal processing to obtain new functional materials are considered.


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